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A better way for remote teams to meet

SpaceForm is an immersive platform and service for presenting architectural designs and masterplans. A collaboration between Squint/Opera, BIG and UNStudio, the first prototype was built in 2018 and has recently been selected to participate in the Epic MegaGrants program. A virtual workspace, hosted in the cloud,  SpaceForm offers a new and more sustainable way for remote teams to meet and collaborate.

Desktop & BrowserVR
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Global teams can connect from anywhere, on any device in SpaceForm. The meeting takes place in a virtual workroom and is organised like a slide presentation. However, instead of viewing images and video clips, the participants see interactive, animated and immersive environments. The content within the space is customised to specific projects and can be reviewed and experienced at an immersive eye-level view or a virtual table. 


3d project room view – SpaceForm

Within SpaceForm participants can experience architectural master plans at any scale. The presenter can take their client on a guided tour through a design, allowing them to experience how a space will look, sound and feel before it is built. The virtual table is an interactive model plinth that can transform into any architectural model or diagram in 2D or 3D. It is a space for focused presentations and can be used to present a sequence of models to tell a predetermined story. Here, architects, engineers, designers and stakeholders can review designs as they unfold.



SpaceForm lets architects, engineers, planners and designers present new ideas, collaborate with stakeholders and review and approve design decisions in detail. It harnesses Squint/Opera storytellings and the latest technologies to help remote teams make better decisions and get projects moving.


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