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The Arc of Opportunity at your fingertips

We were approached to make a stand for The London Development Agency at the Mipim expo, the stand would display the features of the £22 billion ‘Arc of Opportunity’ at The Royal Docks in London.


Squint/Opera set out to work on an exhibit that encapsulates the scale of the proposal, something unique and cutting edge. Controlled by an iPad, the interactive table integrates a physical perspex model with digital content. It was important to ensure that we could display precision detail at full resolution across the four full HD 46” screens, to convey the features of the £22 billion ‘Arc of Opportunity’


We wanted to create something sleek, interactive and dynamic that would convey the features of the docks in a way with clarity that could be navigated easily. This meant that we’d have to create a table with the mapping of the geography, a form of device to navigate the content and a system to manage the content. Working off of these notions we designed the table composed of four full HD 46” screens in an integrated unit, to navigate the content and used an iPad as the navigational tool for the user.