The Great War, as never before

As part of the First World War exhibition at the Royal Air Force Museum in London, we created a quartet of large-scale digital exhibits to explain and bring to life the story of history’s first major airborne conflict. ‘Portrait of a War’ was a large scale projection which provided an anchor point to the exhibition in contextualising the First World War and the events which led up to the eventual formation and involvement of the Royal Flying Corps.


Illustrating history on a 3D globe enabled the viewer to maintain an objective overview of the events that occurred on a world wide level.  The look and feel of the globe was developed in way which was sympathetic to the era and the archive material which was overlaid and integrated in different ways to help tell the story.


‘Portrait of a Battle’ is a large floor based animated battle map which enables visitors to discover the varied roles First World War aircraft played, from photographic reconnaissance and helping artillery find their target, to air combat and tactical bombing. We used illustrated 2d motion graphics, 3d animation and sound design to create an informative and atmospheric experience.


‘Securing the Skies’ is a large scale projection displayed high up amongst the hanging the aircraft. It portrays a dog fight between a Sopwith Camel and Fokker DII.  We modelled, rigged and animated 3d planes to create a realistic portrayal of WW1 air combat in a lifelike setting.