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Experience the history of the British Army in intricate and captivating detail

The National Army Museum set out a brief that outlined a 57 exhibit strong exhibition. Working with a wealth of content and assets, we endeavoured to organize and design this multifaceted digital experience.


The proposed audio-visual exhibits ranged from immersive theatrical projections and augmented reality experiences to projections and interactive screens. The key challenges related to the sheer scale of the exhibits - we knew there would be a myriad of assets that would need to organizing, logging and integrating. Additionally to this, the range of media presentation spanned across a variety of devices, we knew this would require extensive testing and quality assurance to achieve a consistent experience.

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In order to take on a job of such scale it required us to utilize the breadth of our creative and technical capacity. We wanted to ensure that each exhibit was unique and communicated the information in a dynamic and resonant way. Working with the client we organized a myriad of assets into coherent show pieces using a complex Content Management System we designed specifically for the Museum’s content. This CMS stores digital assets, provides analytics on the usage/performance of each digital interactive exhibit and is used to launch updates remotely. Some of this data is displayed in the gallery for the visitors and there is the potential to push some of the content and results of the interactives online.


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