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Voyage through history in an immersive series of exhibitions that put you at the helm

We worked with Royal Museums Greenwich to develop installations for the National Maritime Museum's new Endeavour Galleries as part of a multi-million pound investment funded by the Heritage Lottery fund. The proposal included three interactive tables, a 22 screen synchronized installation, a Pepper’s Ghost of a 17th century shipyard & 3 large projections.


During the conceptualization stages we understood that the Museum wanted to bring historical information to life in a captivating and engaging way. Using old maps, maritime charts, drawings and paintings we wanted to capture the public’s attention and imagination, spanning across a variety of visual platforms and set ups.


In response to the brief we coordinated our art directors and digital teams to create the three interactive tables. We kept the configuration of each table consistent but the content was unique to each - we used projection mapping to integrate three dimensional props which were placed on the tables creating a unique sense of depth and authenticity. For the Pepper’s Ghost we worked with the Museum’s curators to design the shipyard’s model and to film actors dressed in period costume in a green screen studio. We edited the footage in house to match exactly the physical model, creating an exhibit that brings surprise and wonder to visitors.

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