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A century since The Great War, we bring it to today

As part of the calendar of events marking the centenary of the First World War, we created a series of exhibits at the Imperial War Museum’s dedicated war galleries in London. Plunging visitors into a highly immersive experience, our work spans from evoking trench warfare and recruitment campaigns to making spaces for visitors to reflect on and contemplate the morals and ethics of war.

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One of the main challenge was to tell the stories of the war through the lives of those who experienced it on the front line and on the home front. Squint/Opera worked very closely with the museum’s experts and exhibition designer CassonMann to create eight major exhibits from touchscreen controlled interactive tables to films and large projections.


A table projection called ‘Techtable’ features physical artefacts ranging from a dog collar to a machine gun. Visitors can discover how developments in technology changed the way the war was fought. A life-sized section of a trench has been constructed for visitors to walk through: our work included projections showing soldiers involved in everyday activities such as cleaning the guns, cooking and preparing to fight.