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Updating the visitor experience to the IET's central London HQ in Savoy Place

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) has been around for over 100 years. They asked Met Studios and Squint/Opera to help update the visitor experience to their central London HQ in Savoy Place. The aim was to bring together the physical and digital experiences through smart technology.


As part of this experience we built an infographic wall displaying data from IET, an interactive kiosk for the ‘100 objects that changed the world’, a interactive ceiling art piece and a visitor information app.

The infographic wall uses live data feeds to present a real-time view of the IET members, social media feeds and general membership numbers around the world. This is permanently projected, using large format projectors outside the members meeting area to create a global view of the organisation.


The ‘100 objects that changed the world’ were voted by IET members and consisted of everything from a telescope, suspension bridge, bicycle to lasers. We designed and built a content managed touchscreen app that is on view either side of main display cases, giving simple to access further information about what’s on display.

The interactive ceiling art piece sits in the main lobby and has a daily mode, where it reacts to visitors walking underneath by playing a light sequence. During scheduled or sponsored events the chandelier can been colour coded and branded, all controlled by the CMS. The visitor information app brings together all the new elements we'd created around the building alongside historical and general information. To provide a better experience the app runs on ibeacons to locate where you are in the building to display specific information for the visitor.

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